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Avalor Team Member Profile: Yarden Sabag, Director of Human Resources

December 7, 2023

Find out what it means to put people first at Avalor in this Q&A with Avalor team member Yarden Sabag.

Yarden Sabag, Director of Human Resources

Can you share a bit about your background and experience?

From a very early age, my passion has always been around people. I have been working in the HR domain for about ten years now, and that includes the “full spectrum,” from recruiting to being an HR business partner. I worked in the startup space for Datarama with the founders of Avalor and then was at Salesforce where I had a variety of HR roles. I had always wanted to go back to the startup world and work for Raanan and Kfir. I have a BA in Behavioral Science and I recently completed my Masters degree in Organizational Behavior.   

What is your role at Avalor?

I’m the Director of Human Resources, which includes five main focus areas: leadership development; building out our tools and infrastructure, including internal processes, location strategy, and compensation and benefits; culture, which includes internal communications, employee engagement, training and employee experience; hiring and recruiting; and the core HR processes like the onboarding process, performance reviews and company survey.

That’s a pretty wide scope. How do you manage it all?

True, there is a lot that falls under HR - it’s a big scope but I love it. Currently it’s just me, a one-woman show.  But I am hiring. And I never feel like I’m doing it alone - I get a lot of support from leadership and my colleagues. I come to the office everyday with a smile. 

How would you describe the culture at Avalor?

Our culture starts with the founders. Kfir and Raanan foster a culture that is really focused on people. We care about our employees, we hear them, and both the CEO and CTO are so accessible. People are able to reach out and engage with them.  We encourage people to think creatively. If anyone has an idea they are welcome to bring it to the table - we want to hear it.  

And it’s important for us to have a diverse team. That really impacts the culture by bringing in different points of view. We have people from a variety of backgrounds and in various locations. Currently there are more women than men on the leadership team, which I think is rare in the startup world and for a company of our size.

Avalor has grown really quickly. How can you maintain that culture as you grow?

I was employee number 48 and now globally we have 72 team members. So we’ve hired a lot in a short period of time. That’s a good challenge to have. To maintain the culture we’ve created at Avalor, I focus on several things. 

First, hiring the best people we can. People are the key to our success. Second, by helping to create meaningful connections between people. For example, I may be speaking to a team member in the U.S. who has a great idea for something but they aren’t sure how to get it off the ground. I can connect them to someone in Israel to collaborate with them. I feel like I am the connection point and that helps keep our culture of collaboration strong. Third, we strive to make sure people all around the globe have the same experience. For instance, if we have a milestone to celebrate we want everyone to be included, even if they work remotely. If they can’t be there in person, we send them a voucher so they can celebrate with us. 

Finally, transparency is a big part of our culture and I work closely with Raanan on how to deliver communications to the team so they have the full picture of what is happening. We have All Hands Meetings every two weeks where he reviews the numbers and gives a business update. I think all of that helps to keep people connected, collaborating and excited about where the company is going.

What about your onboarding process for new hires? 

My goal is to make sure new team members feel taken care of. Everyone who joins gets a dedicated buddy to support them and answer questions. I personally meet with new hires at regular touch points to make sure they have everything they need. And, we have an employee bootcamp for new hires - which is unique for a company of our size - where they meet with each leadership member to learn about all aspects of Avalor, including seeing a demo of our product.

If somebody asked you why they should work at Avalor what would you say?

Well there’s a lot I could say but here is the short version:

When you join us, you’ll be working with really good people. We aim to only hire the best. And you’ll be working with a truly great product. 

Finally, candidates can be confident that we know what we are doing - our founders already have one very successful start up behind them and are experts in their field.

I always ask candidates after their interview what their impressions are. They are blown away. They always say they are really impressed with both the product and the people. And nearly all of them want to continue with the recruitment process. Speaking of which, we are hiring across the board, in all departments and locations.

Our open roles are posted on our careers page and we add new roles all the time. So if you or someone you know wants to be a part of something big and enjoy the ride, then your place is with us. 

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