Get Continuous Risk Management

Avalor pulls together security findings and business context from all your tools. We enrich and correlate the data to identify YOUR greatest risks and get needed fixes to the right teams so you can improve security posture.

Finally, you can stop managing risk in spreadsheets.

Customers love our Unified Vulnerability Management solution. Why? Because it’s not what we set out to build.

We started by building our
Data Fabric for Security

reporting, dashboards, workflows

dedupe, enrich, group, correlate

ingest from 150+ sources

Avalor curates data across your security and business tools and then enriches and correlates it. The data consistency, robust querying, custom dashboards, and tailored workflows of our data fabric then power our modules with world-class functionality.

Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello better security posture.

Next-Gen Unified
Vulnerability Management

Our first module, at a glance

Traditional Vulnerability feeds

Other Findings and Contextual feeds

Dedupe, enrich, group


Executive reports and dashboards

Custom remediation workflows

The bigger, messier, more complex your systems, the more Avalor can help.

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Stop compiling data.
Start analyzing it.

User clicks on phishing links

Has access to PII

Has a known exploit

Is exposed to the internet

CVE with CVSS 7.0 found

Asset has EDR

In a dev environment

Avalor in action

Aggregate findings across 150+ sources

Dedupe, enrich, group, correlate

Finding duplications from various sources.

Get a better “to-do” list with contextualized risk score

Configuring risk score settings and mitigating factor settings.Choose base factors and weighting.Add factors that increase risk like "crown jewel" or "open to the Internet".Add factors that decrease risk like "has EDR" or "dev environment".

Automate custom workflows to accelerate remediation

Example of workflow through the remediation hub.The right teams get the right work.A shorter, more accurate "to do" list.Dynamic status on fixes.

Use dynamic reports and dashboards to communicate risk posture and progress

Example dashboard showing overall risk over time and risk severity.

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