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Next-gen Unified Vulnerability Management powered by the
Avalor Data Fabric for Security

Enrich vulnerability data with context such as asset details, mitigating controls, and user behavior. Adjust risk scoring based on your business context. Automate workflows to finally get ahead in remediation.

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Vulnerability risk management and prioritization has a data problem.

Teams have dozens of security tools that produce lots of data, but that data stays in silos and doesn't include any business context. Today's tools also lack the transparency and customization needed to tailor risk prioritization and automate effective workflows for remediation.

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Aggregate, normalize, de-duplicate, and track risk from discovery to remediation.

Avalor acts as a source of truth for assets, controls, identities, vulnerabilities, security bugs, and other related data points. Gain a holistic view of data across your organization to identify patterns, prioritize top issues, and provide root cause and superseding patches to tackle the most impactful fixes first.

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Enrich remediation decisions with business context

Easily connect your vulnerability data to asset metadata, organization charts, and any other data source using our robust library of integrations.

Filter out the noise

Automatically group multiple findings, alerts, and vulnerabilities to match the way your organization works.

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define workflows
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Define your own workflows

Adjust the risk score of tickets, assign owners, or even automate flows like reminding owners on upcoming SLAs.

Enforce the standards you want

See the current status of every ticket with 2-way synchronization with third party ticketing systems. Track and enforce SLA, exceptions, and patching cycles based on your organization’s policies.

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Get the answers you need

Analyze, distribute and report your data and insights to relevant stakeholders and contributors.

Increase efficiency

Gain valuable insights into your vulnerability and remediation procedures, identify bottlenecks, and improve the overall resolution process.

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