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We’re on a mission to help security teams make faster, more accurate decisions
by making sense of their data.

Real-time access to complete, accurate, and precise data also means more buy-in for security priorities by helping cross-functional partners understand what you’re asking them to do and why.

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Tackling the matrix of incompatible or duplicative vulnerability data was step one.

We made it possible to overlay security data with business data so customers can align and communicate security priorities with cross functional teams. To increase their confidence in security investments, stakeholders need to understand what you’re asking them to do and why.

By encoding our team’s expertise in building data fabrics that integrate massive data pipelines using automated services and APIs, we built Avalor as an open data platform where you can bring data from anywhere – legacy systems, data lakes, data warehouses, sql databases, applications, etc. – normalize it and analyze it.

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Raanan Raz headshot
Raanan Raz

Co-Founder & CEO

Kfir Tishbi headshot
Kfir Tishbi

Co-Founder & CTO

Anton Granic headshot
Anton Granic

VP Sales

Michelle McLean

VP Marketing

Ilai Gilenberg headshot
Ilai Gilenberg

Chief Solutions Officer

Timna Carmel headshot
Timna Carmel

VP Product

Udi Kidron headshot
Udi Kidron

VP Engineering

Yael Ruhrberg headshot
Yael Ruhrberg

VP Customer Success

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