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We’re empowering security teams to reduce risk by making security data actionable and useful.

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Providing Continuous Risk Management

Avalor knows data — how to ingest, enrich, and correlate data inputs from hundreds of sources. Our platform aggregates and correlates security findings and business context across 100s of tools, identifying top issues so companies can automatically and easily manage their risk exposure.

The Avalor Unified Vulnerability Management module taps into our patented Data Fabric for Security™ to provide tailored insights into a company's risk posture — with contextual prioritization and custom workflows for remediation. And we can accelerate our development of new solutions to reduce risk now that we are part of Zscaler.

Meet Our Team

Leadership Team

Raanan Raz headshot
Raanan Raz

Co-Founder & CEO

Kfir Tishbi headshot
Kfir Tishbi

Co-Founder & CTO

Anton Granic headshot
Anton Granic

VP Sales

Michelle McLean

VP Marketing

Ilai Gilenberg headshot
Ilai Gilenberg

Chief Solutions Officer

Timna Carmel headshot
Timna Carmel

VP Product

Udi Kidron headshot
Udi Kidron

VP Engineering

Yael Ruhrberg headshot
Yael Ruhrberg

VP Customer Success

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